Boots cruise

For the third time since my long walk finished, I have had Achilles pains after a walk. Niggly rather than really painful, but sufficient, given the wear on the heels, for me to find a new pair of boots. Half price sale at Trespass, Whiteley and so not much more than forty quid needed for a very snugly fitting pair. At least as much protection in the heels as the last two pairs.

Though it might sound as if I am just throwing money after money on boots, I am getting about 800-900 miles out of each pair. Not as much as you might expect, one would want to get a four figure total from a pair. It appears that I am what they call a “high maintenance” walker. Currently wearing them in around the house. Not quite sure when I will next be walking, since there is cricket due for both Saturday and Sunday the next two weekends. Not a chance of an early finish on Friday either, since I am away on work. Maybe a couple of laps around the concourse in Manchester Airport.

Spent a lot of this morning reading back through my blog. In fact, almost all of it, including the comments. Found a number of memories previously unstirred since the day being dug up. Good ones, mainly.


Loch Lomond. A wonderful sight. No portent of what was to unfold on that same day.

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