The money keeps coming in

I am now convinced that I will reach my £10k target by the end of next week. Another hundred quid collected today on raffle tickets for next Saturday’s 40/50s night at the cricket club. Sarisbury Athletic Cricket Club have given me absolutely brilliant support. It doesn’t necessarily show up on the justgiving page, but I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am without them. A large number of individuals have donated, many more than once, through general donations, buying raffle tickets and providing a free venue for the quiz and bingo nights before my walk. The club has made three separate donations at various times.

I am absolutely proud to be a part of that club. There are some absolutely diamond people there, and many many who I consider very close friends. Long may Sarisbury continue to thrive; when I first became involved, in 2006, the club had recently expanded to 4 Saturday league teams. Now, there are 6, with all those 4 in higher divisions than they were then, the 5ths already promoted twice (and relegated once), and so many youngsters being given the chance to play both competitive and friendly cricket.

I could go on, but this blog is apparently about walking. So I should be going walking tomorrow. That’s it, that should do. Oh, and let me find another picture.
A spectacular piece of evidence that the storms hit Scotland as well as down here.


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