Spiceboy’s Very Long Walk —— Live

One could imagine that if I were ever to do this walk again, that by that time there would be the technology, band width and reception to actually have a live video feed so that anyone at any time could see where I was and, effectively, walk with me. I have imagined this and received a number of comments to the pilot live feed:

“No, don’t go that way, go the other way up that really steep hill”

“Can you stop humming and singing, I keep having to turn the sound down”

“Do you do requests?”

“Mind that car!”

“Can you speed up a bit, I’ve got to go out in a few minutes”

“OK, Keith, that’s enough, you’ve got to your hotel room, you can turn it off now”

“Why have you been in the pub for 20 minutes now?”

“Stop looking at her, she’s not all that, and you’re old enough to be her granddad”

“Ooh that road looks all right, just walk down the middle and the cars can go either side”

“Can you wipe the camera every few seconds, raindrops keep falling on the lens”

“Bet you couldn’t get across that bit without getting wet”

“This is boring, I’ll watch the highlights later”

Been up to look after my dad today, and visiting my mum tonight, who was taken into hospital last night.

No, that’s not the hospital, but a nice picture, from a distance, of Dunrobin Castle, just a couple of minutes before I went on the beach!


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