How do I talk now there’s no walk?

Running out of things about which to blog. More money continues to come in, people still want to talk to me and work is proving almost as tiring mentally as the walk was physically. At least I am not going to fall off a ladder at work and I am no longer devouring any suggestion of a weather forecast. ‘The Weather’ became my favourite must-not-miss program on evening television and the BBC Weather app my most visited, after Facebook, WordPress and Scrabble.

No more. But I am going to have Sundays as walking days, for the most part, and consider some Friday afternoons while there is reasonable evening light. Likely to try and find previously unexplored places, given the success with the GPS. Previously unexplored, that is, by me, not by mankind in general.

I did promise the odd previously unpublished picture from my walk. This one is from the Dornoch Firth Bridge, looking like an uninhabited island where I could hide in times of trouble!


Finally, the 40/50s Night still has places. If you want to go (and can confirm) please let me, Pammy, Lorna (01489 589503) or Dangerous Brian know. It is £15 a head, includes a live band and a hog roast, one to listen to and one to eat. There will also be the ubiquitous raffle and we have given some local businesses the chance for some publicity if they are willing to offer prizes. Blimey, Costa Coffee has had enough free publicity from me for them to give me a year’s supply of skinny vanilla lattes, so let’s hope they can come up with something to offer.  Anyway, it is on Saturday 24 May in Fareham (Searles Social Club), fancy dress absolutely optional, 7pm-11pm.

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