Back on the road

It was about time to get out on the road again; I had had slightly itchy feet, in the metaphorical sense, for a day or two. Not too far, perhaps about 7 miles, which coincidentally is almost exactly twice the distance to my nearest Costa Coffee, in Sholing. Ah, apparently it’s Thornhill, or four-nil, or four-one, as it should be, being part of Southampton.

It was soon time to carry rather than wear my jacket as the temperature was high enough and the sun bright enough to render the late-morning a sweaty one. I was in my running shoes rather than walking boots, and without a rucksack, so it was proving to be a pleasant stroll past Tesco and up Bursledon Road.

Nothing hurt, nothing ached, not even that Achilles that continues to niggle at me if I sit or lie/lay in the same place for too long. Even the soles of my feet are hardly bothering me. I guess that means I have recovered physically at least. I am getting there mentally too, with cricket a great help on Saturday and perhaps an insight into the attention I might well get tomorrow when I return to work (I will be driving the 2 and a bit miles, by the way).

Actually, tomorrow sounds like a day when it is going to be difficult to achieve much in terms of work. Cake sales and photos in aid of SANDS are just what I know about, not that I am complaining at all. But as I return to paid employment, I will ultimately have to do something to justify being paid to come to work.

On the way home, I spent a short time at Sarisbury Athletic cricket club, one of my spiritual homes, along with Fratton Park and Costa Coffee. Opportunity for the picture of the day.


2 thoughts on “Back on the road

  1. Hi Keith, I have some money for you from the Market@ONS earlier in the year. How do I get it to you?

    • Hi Linda, you can either put directly on to my Just Giving page, or send a cheque to me (and I will sort it out) or cash if someone is near 2400 in Titchfield. Very happy with any of those, and very very grateful for your support. Keith.

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