Ramblings and out-takes

Back home for a couple of days now, but it doesn’t feel right yet. Feeling very much at a loose end in the mornings, not having to get up for an 8:30 breakfast, pack my rucksack (again) and set out for anything between four and nine hours on the road.

I still feel as if I have jet lag and my sleep pattern is all over the place. More surprisingly, my eating pattern has been disturbed. At normal mealtimes I may only be able to eat the minimum yet can feel hungry in the middle of the night.

It is not that different from when I ran long distances in my 20s. After a half marathon, I would invariably feel low immediately after and for a couple of days, wondering if I wanted to carry on with running. Coming down from a high, I guess. I always did carry on, until a calf injury and then my back and sciatica kicked in. That was all over 20 years ago and I am surprised that my back didn’t give me more trouble than it did on this walk. But back to the main point of this paragraph. I don’t feel low, in particular, but I just feel a loss of purpose at present. Perhaps cricket tomorrow and work on Tuesday will return that to me. Those will at least fill my day with things that are worthwhile, rather than me slobbing around. That said, I do need my rest.

Rest. Yes. But it can be a bit boring. I have every excuse to do nothing. The aches and pains have alleviated quite quickly and it is only when I sit down for more than about five minutes that it leads to a few creaks and Achilles pains after I try to stand up.

I still have problems with my phone and router though both have shown strange signs of life. They must just both dislike either travelling or Scotland! I have had a number of texts and missed calls that I just cannot easily pick up, and that may be a blessing in disguise. I am not really one for attention, though that is the thing that this walk has got me, and an obviously important thing given the need for sponsorship. Sometimes, to paraphrase (or perhaps quote) Greta Garbo, I want to be alone, I just want to be alone. Just sometimes.

However, it was really great yesterday to meet up with my immediate work colleagues for Lucy’s leaving dinner. I had difficulty eating very much of the main course – the starter was almost enough – and I am clearly not burning off many calories in the last day or two like I have been doing for 10 and a bit weeks.

More than one person has already asked me what my next challenge will be. Really, it is too early to say, even whether it will involve walking or something else. I would like to maintain some level of walking, but whether I want to put myself (and Pammy) through a big walk again is doubtful. I have considered walking around the perimeter of Wales, since there is a new coastal path and Offa’s Dyke takes care of much of the inland boundary. But there is the expense and the time off work that may be too big a burden. A cheap challenge, that is what I need, and, by the way, it won’t be learning to swim, neither will it involve visiting every Costa Coffee in England, which has been suggested! By the time I finished that one, more Costas will have opened. A sure fire way of putting back all the weight I have lost, anyway, even though a large skinny vanilla latte is under 200 calories.

So where is this ramble all leading? Probably back to the gym to tone up a bit.

All right, I have loads and loads and loads of unseen pictures from my walk. Here are a few that went wrong!







2 thoughts on “Ramblings and out-takes

  1. Keith

    Many congratulations on your fantastic achievement!
    Very well done on your long epic walk.

    Keep blogging!

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