Now that’s what I call head music

Head music. One of the survival strategies of the walk. Perhaps I should put together a compilation album, Now That’s What I Call Head Music [working title]. Tracks:

1. REM – Perfect Circle
2. Adamski – Killer
3. Daryl Hall and John Oates – So Close
4. Human League – The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
5. Rolling Stones – Angie
6. Bryan Adams – When You’re Gone
7. Aerosmith – Angel
8. Simon and Garfunkel – Cecilia
9. Meat Loaf – You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
10. Beatles – Long and Winding Road
11. Bangles – Going Down To Liverpool
12. CeeLo Green – Forget You
13. Talking Heads – Road To Nowhere
14. The Cure – In Between Days
15. Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
16. Michael Jackson – Black or White
17. Pixies – Here Comes Your Man
18. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
19. All About Eve – Wild Hearted Woman
20. Eminem – Stan
21. Pharrell Williams – Happy
22. New Order – Blue Monday
23. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon
24. Avril Lavigne – Complicated

I hadn’t realised, until I composed this list, how 80s heavy the head music was. Showing my age, perhaps, though others might surmise that music was “so much better when I was young”. I don’t subscribe to that, it is simply the music you grow up with, when your life changes the most, that sticks with you. I wouldn’t say that these are my 24 favourite songs ever, far from it. They were just the ones that came into my head and helped me take my mind off the miles and, in most cases, are pretty upbeat.

We have all compiled our top 20, 50, 100 (or in the case of one of my university colleagues, 1,000) favourite songs of all time. I find it too hard to rate songs against each other, because a different situation and mood calls for a different song. My top 20 would certainly have one or two songs by Counting Crows, ELO and Nirvana, who are not represented in my head music list, but I rarely found them music to walk to!

It must really surprise many that I took no music with me, but I do find it distracting when I am walking in places that I am not familiar with. However, in hindsight, in the north of Scotland in particular, where my radio could only seem to find BBC Radio Scotland, it would have been nice on those long straight paths with little chance of getting lost just to listen to a bit of Hall and Oates or something.

So I am back. Back to reality. Back to music to wash plates by. No, that is not another compilation that I am going to put together, scrub that!


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