Done it!

Not much to say. I reached John O’Groats at 1pm. Wind was against us all the way, whichever way we turned. A few pictures and the odd souvenir before coming home. Currently in Wetherspoon’s in Wick.





25 thoughts on “Done it!

  1. You did remember to do that bit between Cleeve Hill and Broadway, didn’t you Herr Doktor Witchfinder? But seriously: YES!!!!!! You walked your backside from one end of GB to the other. Very, very few people have done this (the names are of course so few that the data is disclosive). You’ve done it in time for cricket, the World Cup, summer etc all to start. Now relax Keith!!!!!! Every best wish, Chris

  2. Keith congratulations on your achievement. It’s the most amazing thing you’ve done.
    Rest on the way home.
    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.
    Best Wishes
    Penny and Ray

  3. Well done Keith! You made it – we had no doubt. We have enjoyed reading your blog and sharing your journey – as you did ours back on the WHW. Best wishes and what will you do now?….

  4. Well done – awesome achievement. Looking forward to seeing you in the office next week and watching for how many times you feel the need to run up and down 4 flights of stairs. Enjoy your well-earned rest in the meantime!

  5. keith – it is an obvious thing to say – but you are an absolute legend – everyone is so proud on your behalf but you are the star ….. so many people pretend they are going to do something real and important but you have done it … whether you can see it on your smashed screen or not you deserve to be deeply proud – you are officially significant …..

  6. Congratulations, you are an inspiration! However, there is a slight tinge of sadness that your blog will begin to wither…although you did hint at converting it into a book….
    A fabulous amount for charity, which is also a tremendous achievement.

    • I will carry on the blog as long as I have things to talk about. There are a few things to do with the walk to finish, not the walking itself but collecting money, a bit of media (!) and the dance night near end of May. Enough to talk about anyway.

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