Dull aches

A long haul and trawl up from Fearn to Golspie. I’m afraid there is nothing to persuade me ever to repeat that 21 mile walk. The only good thing about it was the rather means to an end reduction of the target to around 70 miles. That apart, painful feet and a mind numbingly dull route up the A9 meant that, by about noon, I couldn’t wait for it to end.

Unfortunately there is very little alternative to that route, though I did nip into Tain town centre to buy lunch for later. I sound a bit like the kid at school who said his favourite subject was ‘playtime’ but the highlight of the day for me was finding a wall to sit on and eat lunch. A cheese and tomato (no Mayo) sandwich, a sausage roll, a mango juice drink and a iced cream bun. The bun was reduced from £1.50 to 40p as today was its best before date, and by coincidence my feet were feeling as if their use by date was getting near.

Again I crossed water, the Dornoch Firth Bridge, that did at least offer a decent view or two.



For the second successive day, a motorist stopped to offer me a lift. This could mean one or more of three things:
• I looked knackered
• Drivers in the very north of Scotland are very thoughtful
• I have become so fit looking that people want to take me home and have their wicked way

I think we can discount the last one. I was pleased to reach the Blar Mhor b&b in Golspie by my target time of 5:30. It had been a day when I had needed to concentrate hard on footing and traffic and not one to look back on with great fondness.

6 thoughts on “Dull aches

  1. I think the more likely explanation was probably the middle one. Best not to think too hard about it, Herr Doktor: just disable the nerve ending software, grit your teeth and do the last 70 miles. Remember: you’ve done 960 already, so if it was WW2 you are in the suburbs of Berlin and very nearly receiving your demob papers. NB: how come you get mango juice that far north? All best, Chris

  2. Hi Keith, Alison Jones from ONS here (friend of Suzanne’s). Look forward to reading your blog each day, massive achievement so far, good luck for the last few days!

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