So on to the final day on the Great Glen Way. A day to ponder prior to the final 8 day push to John O’Groats, much of which will be on the road. A day for numerologists, 20 miles taking me up to 900, on day 64, with about 121 miles to go. Perfect square numbers, all three of them.

Another challenging morning with a climb to around 1,200 feet and, boy, was I pleased to see this sign.


I then knew it was all downhill, at least on a net basis, even if there were some uphill bits. A feature of this part of the Great Glen Way was that all the signposts had distances in kilometres rather than miles. It was certainly not straightforward to divide the distances by 1.6093 but I managed to manage. On another beautiful sunny day, with the temperature again reaching the high teens, but with a pleasant breeze, it was cheering to see news of a cafe in 1km. Subsequently, the menu appeared item by item on a number of wooden stakes. Bovril, tea, soup, coffee, Ovaltine and, for a moment, there was even promise of live music.


No doubt about it, this was a weird and whacky place, but extremely welcome with about 10 miles gone, 10 miles to go. Tea and what we used to call corn flake cakes.

I could have been a trifle concerned about getting behind the clock, so some pretty upbeat head music was called for. Most of it I have mentioned in previous posts, but a new entry was Stan by Eminem. I got the Dido riff (hang on, let me just turn off my autocorrect – right that’s better, lucky I spotted that one) well and truly in the groove, and a couple of Michelle Branch’s tracks too. Quite a nice spell of walking.


Having seen so few walkers in the last few days, it was a novelty to meet two coming from the opposite direction. I asked how far it was to Inverness and one responded, with a thick American twang, “about 12 killarmidders”. I was a bit surprised and indeed I was closer to the end than that. Disappointed that there wasn’t an obvious monument to denote the end of the Great Glen Way at Inverness Castle, since it was a decent achievement to complete it. Feet and knees hurt quite a bit. The last two weeks have been hard, though it would be harsh to say, ” I love you Scotland, I just don’t like your Ways”.

Off now to take the mike at the local comedy club.


4 thoughts on “900

  1. You’re 88% of the way there now Keith. You missed torrential downpour along the entire south coast of England; I drove through it from Cornwall to Hampshire and it was wet, wet, wet the whole way……… Not much further now so keep on the look out for concealed covens……… plus aged U-Boat crew members wearing sporrans deep in the forests……. All best, Chris

  2. Maybe ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the Ways’?
    Tremendous, Keith. I would never have attempted what you’re doing – and that isn’t modified with ‘because I’m not that crazy’. Fingers crossed for fair weather and footpaths over the next eight days.

    • Thank you Peter I like that. Rest day today will really help, as I am in a fair amount of pain – feet, Achilles and shoulders in particular, but a rest day usually works wonders! Actually looking forward to coming back to work, in a perverse way. Note the comma in the last sentence. Best wishes, Keith.

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