Cloudless canter to Fort Augustus

A good start to the day with the landlady of the b&b (Nursery Cottages) in Invergarry donating £10 to my charity. The bad news, however, was that my phone and router had appeared to give up the ghost after the power cut and surge and I now appeared absolutely dependent on WiFi connections at b&bs and restaurants.

I can imagine when the chap who sketched out the route of the Great Glen Way went off for his tea break, his 3 year old son picked up his pencil and scrawled a scribble just north of Invergarry. The route zigzagged back and forth on a reasonable climb to 400 feet or so, but as the crow flies I still seemed very close to the start.

The path settled down to a generally northward track, shadowing the A82 and Loch Oich. Suddenly my phone rang, though I couldn’t see the text nor whom it was from. I tapped out the digits to our home phone number and Pammy answered. So it appears that it is just the screen that is broken, not the phone itself. Not that that helps in a number of otherwise useful functions.


The Way and the road briefly coincide at the Bridge of Oich (above) and it really was a scene to behold. Nothing yet had matched those of the previous few days but, after an hour and a bit walking through tree lined paths, it was a welcome change.


The Great Glen Way tracked north alongside the water. A couple of boats drifted past. I couldn’t see who was ahead; it was either Oxford or Cambridge.

With a short day today, just 8 miles, I sat and watched the boats go by at Cullochy Lock and did a bit of musing. You so rarely get the chance to sit and just think about life and the world in general. There was literally not a cloud in the sky, and I mean literally in the literal sense of the word. Probably the nicest weather to date of the whole walk, day 62.

Fort Augustus apparently is the best kept secret on Loch Ness. But obviously someone is spreading rumours since there are no vacancies at that establishment.


A chicken and chip lunch took ages to be served but it was worth the wait, I think. Along with a strawberry milkshake, the calorific intake was welcome, and I sat on the side of the River Oich to scoff. To scoff the food, that is, not to make fun of the difficulty a young lady was having in tying a knot in a rope attached to a boat in the canal.

Can’t say I’m that impressed with the Inch Hotel. Looks impressive from the outside, but the shower is fiddly and needs to be at maximum temperature to be warm enough, and the TV has only the very most basic channels and functions (no ITV4 for IPL cricket). It has got decent WiFi at least.


4 thoughts on “Cloudless canter to Fort Augustus

  1. Weather looks nice up there, Keith. You can relax quite a bit now as you are easily through the worst of it. I imagine you’ll have quite a lot more light up there than we have down here now that it is the second half of April. Truly astounding progress! All best, Chris

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