Life at the Caol face

A welcome rest day. However, apparently even a town as well known as Fort William does not have a launderette, so I have taken the bus a couple of miles to what is the largest village in Scotland, Caol, which has a population of 3,240. It does have a launderette and four buses an hour from Fort William. Couldn’t say I have seen masses of students hogging their washing down here, so their parents probably live elsewhere.

I will be passing close to this point tomorrow, and I understand rain is forecast for that day, but today………



still as wonderful as yesterday, just a bit warmer if anything.

So onwards and further upwards. 71 miles along Great Glen Way up to Inverness, starting with a light 10 miler tomorrow to Gailorchy. Washing almost finished now, so bus back to Travelodge, a bit of a sleep and then some late afternoon TV before going out hunting for food.

Thank you again for all your support. It does really mean the world to me that there are so many people who care.


6 thoughts on “Life at the Caol face

  1. Enjoy the Great Glen, Witchfinder!!!!!!!! I spent six hours basking on a cloudless sunny beach in Trevone, Cornwall today, and only saw three witches in ducking stools. ‘Fie on this quiet life, I want work’. Seriously: the next few days should be benign Nirvana, so enjoy!!!!! You are not walking alone, Master Witchfinder!!!!! Brilliant progress. NB was that launderette a bit like that Levis 501 advert from the 1980s? All best, Chris

  2. Just north of your launderette the Great Glen Way takes you past Neptune’s Staircase, the longest staircase lock flight in Britain, which carries the Caledonian Canal 64 feet up the side of a hill. It’s an impressive sight if you’re into your inland waterways. Hope the weather is kind to you!

    • Thanks Blacky, I’ve seen it on my map and see if I can get a good picture. Forecast is for light cloud in the morning and light rain from about 3pm. So it should be dry for most of my walk.

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