Fort William and a fortnight to come

A great day to end a sometimes traumatic week on West Highland Way. The turning point of the 7 days was undoubtedly meeting up with Pete, Ian, Sian and Mary-Ann, who dragged me through the last part of the week when I had been near my lowest ebb.

There was some disagreement as to the length of today’s walk from Kinlochleven to Fort William, but what wasn’t in doubt was the potential of seeing Ben Nevis for the first time. And we weren’t to be disappointed.


The walk commenced with a fairly steep climb to around 800 feet and it was never easy to get a good rhythm going with ups and downs and stony surfaces. A diversion near the end gave us a very tricky descent and there were sometimes confusing directions too:


But the five of us reached the end of the West Highland Way in Fort William.





We bade farewell as they are travelling back to Kent tomorrow. It has been a brilliant three days and I will forever be grateful for their support.

I calculate it as about 191 miles to the finish after the 17 today, that incidentally had the most perfect weather that I could have wished for. Total walked 824 miles. Rest day forthcoming.

10 thoughts on “Fort William and a fortnight to come

  1. Dear Keith
    It has been a pleasure to meet you and share the pain! We all wish you the best for the rest of your journey and will follow your blog. Look forward to seeing you finish on the 29th!
    Love Sian, Ian, Mary-Anne and Pete.
    Ps thanks for the drinks xxx

  2. Good progress Witchfinder!!!! There are covens aplenty awaiting ye as ye traverse along the side the Loch. Give my regards to Nessie too! All best, Chris

  3. Keith
    Catching up with you again after a few days… sorry to hear about the falls, filled with admiration (again). Went to the Peak District last week and did a few walks – but just pottering about in the foothills by your standards! – frequently thought to myself “how does Keith do it??” Well done, keep going, not (really) far now!

    • Thanks David, I do believe the most difficult days are behind me. Legs and shoulders very tired, but a rest day will help. The falls have now graduated from accidents to anecdotes!

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