Over the worst

It was heartening at the end of today’s walk to hear that the last two days that I have endured should be the last bad ones. The proprietor of the King’s House Hotel gave me a good run down of each of the walks up to Inverness and gave me hope that things will get better.

And they did get better even today. A difficult night with aching legs and a mildly upset stomach didn’t auger well (by the way, ‘auger’ is one of my very most favourite words, I don’t know why, it just is) but once I had had what I could for breakfast (cereal, croissant, grapes, mandarin, a bit of cheese, tea, orange juice) I felt just a little more positive. Positive enough to take a more challenging option of two in the first couple of miles. That paid off with better scenery, unfortunately deleted due to a slow internet!

After returning back to the main stretch of the West Highland Way, I walked north into some pretty exposed country, as expected. The forecast was for squally showers and a 30mph westerly wind. For once, the forecast was accurate and some of the morning was most difficult, with no shelter available at all. One violent hailstorm left me just standing there with my back to the stones. It took a minute or two to start me up again (see what I did there?) and with about 3 miles left I met up with a couple of couples who were walking the West Highland Way and who recognised me from the pub last night. It was great to walk with them, in particular exchanging stories about their Day 3 and my Day 54. One of the ladies had also had a fall, careering five or six feet down a perilous slope, but was thankfully unhurt, just shaken up.

The last bit of the journey passed quickly thanks to their company. 13 miles in total, 798 the running total. In much improved spirits, albeit very weary ones. Ready to go again tomorrow. Would have liked to have more pictures here, but the internet is extremely slow!

4 thoughts on “Over the worst

  1. Sounds like a good day, Keith. Worst definitely behind you now, so enjoy the Highlands and the trek north. All best, Chris

  2. Thought you might like to hear that SANDS made the National Media on Radio 4 this morning and apparently a Sunday paper has a 2 page spread on Lily Allen which also gives a mention to the charity.So your definitely not striving alone!

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