Digging for victory

Digging deep now. Yesterday especially, but today too. In some ways a similar walk, conveniently split into three parts. Inverarnan to Crianlarich, onto to Tyndrum and finally Bridge of Orchy.

It was a slog. As the weather varied only between light rain and steady rain, gradually spirits that were already not especially high sank to that level where I just want to get it all over with. Fortunately the ground was nowhere near the difficulty of yesterday, but mud was the underlying theme.


I wasn’t in any sort of mood to do my David Bailey thing, but the appearance of a viaduct persuaded me to break the duck for the day. Later a nonsensical sign caught my eye on a gate that was connected to nothing and protecting nothing. But it MUST be closed, please.


Don’t really want to talk about the walk in detail. 19 miles that took me to 785, past the ¾ mark, but I was not aiming to throw any parties.

Three days left on the West Highland Way. The views are scenic without doubt, though on days that are not as overcast and miserable as today. All three days are forecast to be more wet than dry, but at least they are all shorter than these last two.

6 thoughts on “Digging for victory

  1. Keith: managed to get a broadband wifi link at last here in Trevone, Cornwall. It was 22C here today so I think you’re better up there for walking conditions. You had a sod of a day yesterday, and today was a real slog too, but you’re doing absolutely fantastically and are safely into First Class territory now. Just try not to think too hard and just do it: the end is now well and truly in sight. All best, Chris

  2. Chin up, Keith. We are all routing for you. I guess it feels like you are miles away. Just over two weeks to go. All the best, Neil

    • Thanks Neil. Driserable morning again but at least a shorter day. By the way, you should be ‘rooting’ rather than ‘routing’, unless you are sorting out my route for me as well!

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