Sunday I’m in love (still)

A day that alternated between light rain, drizzle and heavy cloud saw me reach Glasgow after a 12 mile walk through the streets from Motherwell.

It was great to have Pammy walk the distance with me, while Matt took the car to the Glasgow Central Travelodge. Ah yes, he also took my bag, which made the walk so much easier. Pammy and I caught up on loads of things and I was so entranced by her that I was not really thinking of any photo opportunities. It was only late on that I saw the most famous pub in Scotland and the greatest pub in the world, though I had never heard of it.


But the Glaswegians are not the greatest at spelling:


720 miles the total. Rest day tomorrow with Pammy and Matt. I think they need it as much as me after the long drive up from the south coast yesterday and Pammy walking the 12 today.

2 thoughts on “Sunday I’m in love (still)

  1. Saw the Loudon Tavern from a bus once. They must be complete maniacs running a Rangers pub a few yards from Celtic Park!!

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