Just another day at the office

A nice, if achy, 18 miles from Lanark to Motherwell, to bring the total milage beyond 700. The walk took in parts of the Clyde Walkway, a path that broadly follows the River Clyde, but that jags off a few times and has those energy-sapping lactic acid-inducing squishy squelchy passages of mud, one or two of which put to the test my vertically faultless record (i.e. I haven’t yet fallen over).

An early shower and a weather forecast that promised just cloud and very little rain after 11 led me to take my time this morning. A rare full cooked breakfast gave me the energy for a decent day, though ironically this was the one day in the past week when there has been little issue finding refreshment places.

Indeed the weather behaved itself, giving rise to a sighting of that rarest of Scottish creatures, the shadow.


There were isolated patches of drizzle but, by midday, the waterproofs were declared surplus for the day. The trip along the Clyde Walkway was, in some parts, spectacular, but this was balanced by the problems with mud and a fair number of steps that jarred the knees.


Once I returned to the road, I was soon met by opportunities for food and drink. A cheese and ham toastie with a raspberry milkshake from a garden centre came just at the right time, and several drinks of varying flavour and colour dealt with potential thirst along the rest of the route.

I can’t say that the final five miles were the most salubrious I have traversed, but at least there was pavement all the way to Kingsland b (they don’t do breakfast, only bed) north of Motherwell. Waiting for me were Pammy and Matt! It had been a hard day, 18 miles but as the Dark Destroyer says on ITV’s The Chase, it’s just another day at the office……


4 thoughts on “Just another day at the office

  1. Good Going Keith!
    It’s great that Pam and Matt can be with you.
    Went to the Hartlepool game. Couldn’t believe it when I heard the stat that it was back to back wins for the first time this season. But it was so much better: football improved and fans really got behind the team.

  2. Dear Mr Boy,
    I’ve only just heard (from Shelley Gammon) about your spicey walk. It’s a terrific enterprise which you seem to be conquering – keep going!
    I once had a bath in the public baths (now long gone I think) in Motherwell. The memory of that experience would certainly propel me rapidly northwards.
    And you are within a few days of the best of Scottish walking, so I hope you are looking forward to the beauty of that landscape.
    Best of luck – I shall metaphorically follow you across the rugged Scottish blogscape to your finishing line.
    Time to sign off in the style of you blogsthetes. I gather, Mr Boy, one must have a nom-de-blog.
    So, your sincerely,
    The Old Peculier (although my real name is Christopher Ware – ooops!)

    • Hi Mr Peculiar, thank you for your encouragement. Very much looking forward to getting into the Highlands, since everyone is saying how stunning that is. At the moment, and for the last week or so, the goal has been simply to get through the day!

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