Isle of Dogs (no I don’t)

Right, I am on a rest day but I am going to get this off my chest.

It appears that every dog in the countryside can see, hear, smell or sense me from about 100 yards away. It then barks continuously until I am about 100 yards past the house or farm.

So that is about two minutes continuous barking at me. For what? It’s a public road. I am walking down their country lane. All dogs who live in the country should be made to live in the city for a week. If they bark at every single person who walks down their road past their house, they will drop with exhaustion within a day. Perhaps they might stop and realise how stupid and pointless all that woofing is.

Oh sorry, I forgot, they’re just playing.


2 thoughts on “Isle of Dogs (no I don’t)

  1. I feel your pain……you realise it’ll be a double dose when I walk with you next week!! Must be something in the Spicer genes! Hope you have a good rest today!

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