Moody, misty and murky

Very happy to complete the 18 mile walk from Lockerbie to Moffat. A good sleep and a reasonable breakfast helped me being a much healthier state of mind. That’s not to say that today was painless, but definitely a great improvement on the previous two days.

It is hurting now, but so it should after 655 miles in just over six weeks. However, it is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be by now. My shoulders are aching but it is mainly tiredness rather than injury elsewhere.

The first thing was to pay respects to the Lockerbie victims and to then get a reasonable momentum going. I was pleased to find a good route that took on bits of the Annandale Way until the going got really treacherous. This was the point I moved away onto a good quiet road:


and much of the rest of the day was walked on tree-lined roads like this:


and some nice views here and there, like this moody, misty and murky glance a few miles from home:


Very pleasant indeed, but I am getting tired earlier than previously, generally at about 12-14 miles and the afternoon was more of a struggle, especially as the walk gave virtually no opportunity for a lunch break. The first chance was really only about two miles from home, in Beattock, and I decided just to continue to the Stag Hotel in Moffat. I was being outpaced on the road into the town by an elderly dog walker, so I stopped and pretended to check my GPS in order to avoid my own embarrassment.

After some confusion with the Star Hotel (apparently the narrowest hotel in Britain), I was here at the stroke of 5pm. A good pace, taken everything into account. 18 miles in 7 hours may not seem that quick, but the time checking the GPS, a phone call to COOF, dealing with a couple of texts and the bag feeling heavier by the day all slowed me down. After an early shower, the weather flitted between drizzle and a state on the point of drizzle, and I would have settled for that after seeing the forecast this morning!

One more hard day tomorrow, up to Abington, and then a rest day, followed by three comfortable days and some time with Pammy and Matt. They are giving me so much help, they really are.

6 thoughts on “Moody, misty and murky

  1. Well done Keith – you are doing brilliantly. Just to let you know that, as well as various craft groups in Swadlincote, the local hairdressers are sponsoring you too! We’re all thinking of you. Take care. Sheila (AKA Shybil)

  2. Keith, You are doing great. Looks like great country to walk through. It has been a lovely sunny day down on the South Coast. I am hoping you’ll get some of that. All the best, from the ‘Space’ Hopper

  3. Bit of a slog today Keith, but a very good effort. Nothing huge happening at work, except your location on the big map in 2300 is moving North speedily. Keep plugging away at it!!!!! All best, Chris

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