The rest is history

Rest day. General thing on rest days: rest.

Get done what you have to do in the mornings, then rest. It might seem like a waste of an opportunity to see some really interesting places, like Hadrian’s Wall, but rest is what I need.

So after a really fine breakfast today, and great to have people really make an effort with a fresh fruit salad (rather than the tinned mandarins / grapefruit that are pretty common), I was given a lift into Haltwhistle, where I got my form signed and stamped at the post office as evidence of my walk. On my last day’s worth of deodorant, so roll on today, Friday, when I can buy another one. Special offer too in Sainsbury’s.

Cream tea in La Toot and bus back to Greenhead. A read of the paper,………

then an afternoon snooze.


Seriously, I do need it.

2 thoughts on “The rest is history

  1. Keith you’ll be pleased to hear that the cricket club has offered to donate a further ¬£25 to your charity. Best Wishes.

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