Spiceboy’s final thoughts for the day

40 days and 40 nights I have lasted in the wild. Should be in Scotland on Sunday, the land of haggis, deep fried Mars bars and The Krankies. OK, that might be harsh. Expecting some of the best walking here, but at the same time likely to be some hard days.

Forthcoming attractions:
Friday – rest day. Might pop into Haltwhistle, a town with population just under 4,000, about 4 miles away.
Saturday – a walk predominantly to the west to Longtown, back in Cumbria, about 19 miles
Sunday – into Scotland, again westward to Annan, about 13 miles
Monday – turning very much northward now, another 12 miles to Lockerbie
Tuesday – up the Annandale Way, probably, to Moffat, about 17 miles
Wednesday – a change of the original route due to accommodation issues, but the 21 mile trek to Abington, by the M74, does buy me a rest day on Thursday.

There should be no reason why I can’t do this now. In fact, I am already thinking about how I am going to adjust to bring back in my normal world, as opposed to the real world, in which I currently reside!? This is really challenging and at times extremely painful, but an incredible experience, one that I don’t think I can get across in my blog. I never thought I would have the nerve to attempt something like this, but you only live once and everybody should try to challenge themselves at least once with something well outside their comfort zone. I have always been much more comfortable with academic and work things, but the breakdown of the latter four years ago left me without a significant fall back activity. The stimulation this walk, the preparation, training and (ultimately) the walk itself, has breathed new life into my mind and absolutely benefited my work too. Is it right to say that man cannot live on work alone? You need it, but you also need something else.

I must thank everyone once again for their great support. Almost at £6,000 now, and that doesn’t include pledges and some off-line donations. Almost as important, while I am ‘on the road’, is the support on social networks, the ‘likes’, the comments, the views, and the visits I’ve had that have lifted my spirits, knowing there are people out there who really care about my wellbeing and success. It is not easy mentally and I am still sufficiently insecure to need that metaphorical arm round the shoulders. I think we all do, now and again.

If you enjoy this blog and haven’t yet donated to the massively worthwhile cause, SANDS, please think about doing so, either at http://www.justgiving.com/keith-spicer1, or pledge via one of my work friends ‘Dangerous’ Brian Parry or Neil ‘Space’ Hopper, or you could have the delights of speaking to my Pammy.

Blabbering on a bit now. Time for an early night. Speak to you all tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Spiceboy’s final thoughts for the day

  1. Fantastic blog Keith and your personal reflections a real insight. Having done a fair bit of long distance walking I can believe it all!!

  2. Spent the day reading this blog from the beginning – it’s not often the word “awesome” is used in its literal sense, but this whole amazing adventure – and the wonderful way you have told us about it – is just that. Best wishes for the rest of the journey to and beyond John O’Groat’s 🙂

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