Heavens must be drowning an angel

Drenched. There is just no other word for it. Except soaked. Or perhaps saturated. From about 1pm today, as forecast, the heavens opened and Muggins was under them.

The morning was both chilly and grey and so this became the first 5 layer day of the walk: base layer, sports shirt, fleece, thin fleece and waterproof jacket. Using the quiet A road, it was not long before I reached the final county in England.


This was the nicest part of the day with the sign casting a shadow, even. Whereas the 9 mile morning was dry, by contrast the 7 mile afternoon was wet. At least I was able to find a really good tea house close to the end where I could have some vegetable soup, chocolate cake and a caramel latte and dry out a little.

Now I am at Holmhead House, in Greenhead, which is actually built using stones from Hadrian’s Wall. So tonight I will actually be sleeping on Hadrian’s Wall. Rest day tomorrow with the total on 595 miles.

Best I could do, I’m afraid, on viaduct watch!


2 thoughts on “Heavens must be drowning an angel

  1. Northumberland. Wow. Shame about the weather though, and especially as I told you at the weekend that this week would be mainly dry. Scotland beckons. The Borders are some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside so hope the weather soon improves! As you are nearly 6/10ths of the way through the HE equivalent right now is that you’re entering II (I) territory! Keep going!

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