A Sooty city in the north

Rest day in Colne.

Plenty to do and, yes and, it’s all done. Before I came to Colne, I had only heard of it in relation to Colne Dynamoes, the town’s football team that soared up through the leagues almost to the Football League thanks to ambitious and well financially backed owners in the 1980s. However, they didn’t quite make it and the club folded.

But there is indeed more to Colne. This is the view of the mill from my b&b window:


and I walked up the hill (to the right as you look at this picture) to the main part of the town. Yes, it has an Asda, a Tesco Express and a Gregg’s, but they don’t dwarf the community the way they can do in towns of this size of population (2011 Census gives it as 18,806, but what do they know?). There are loads of small shops and locally based businesses, so there is plenty of choice. I liked the feel of the town, a good old northern town but with an eye for the present, willing to mix tradition with the present.

I had a vanilla latte in the Arcade Cafe, WiFi available, and a very up to date feel, with good personal service. The thing that caught my eye on the walk back was an opportunity that I will unfortunately be unable to take up, a show and a chat with Sooty!


24 April. On that day I should be almost there, walking from Tain to Golspie in the Scottish Highlands! But I will be thinking of Sooty!


5 thoughts on “A Sooty city in the north

  1. Tha’s properly int North now, our Keith. Not like t’soft South. Hast th’ got thy passport wi’ visa stamp for when thars crossing t’border into Scotland? Thou’ll need to take slabs o’ Kendal mintcake over t’border wi’ ye cos it’ll be as an imported luxury on t’other side…….. But seriously: great progress and all best wishes!!!

  2. Keith we are in awe of your achievements, particularly as you are unsupported.
    Our map book is still open and we are loving the blog.
    Keep up the walking and the writing.

    • Many thanks Ray. Note I am only unsupported in the physical walking bit, I cannot believe the level of support on social media and the encouragement I am getting. What it would be like near to John O’Groats I can’t wait to see!

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