Love is all around

Wet. Wet. Wet. I felt it in my fingers. I didn’t feel it in my toes. But love was all around today. I woke up in a bit of a mood, no phone signal, WiFi not working and rain outside. Travelodge Breakfast Box not really there to improve my mindset.

Took plenty of time to get going. Costa was too tempting with rain falling heavily as I left Glossop, and a further sheltering in a Tesco trolley bay was timed nicely for a phone call to COOF. I could feel the love and it set me up for a better period of walking. It was raining steadily for most of the day and I got close to squishing a frog who had ventured on to the pavement.


More love later as I was approached by two young women, who were either Jehovah’s witnesses or Morons. We discussed my walk and I made clear that though I wasn’t a practising Christian, I like to think I practice Christian values. One of them said a prayer for me, praying for the weather to improve, for women who had lost a child and, quite humorously, that I wouldn’t be troubled by blisters.

Almost instantly, the rain stopped, for about an hour! This was a day full of short climbs, but even I didn’t realise I had climbed quite so much to deserve this warning:


14 miles from Glossop to Standedge, now in Lancashire. Never saw a “Welcome to Lancashire” sign but who cares? A very fine welcome at my very isolated b&b from Eric and Susan, a pot of tea, fresh cake and a lovely chat about my walk and the possibilities for tomorrow’s trip to Hebden Bridge.

Finally, it was fantastic to see Critch, who sadly had to leave Sarisbury cricket club last season because of work. He made the effort to make an hour’s drive to see me and take me to the pub for evening food. We really chewed the fat (not literally) over cricket in particular and I am really grateful for his support (he was the donor to take me over the £5k mark).

So love indeed is all around. This support is keeping me going. 4 difficult days in a row, all for different reasons. Just two more before a rest day in Colne.

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