How do……..?

It was turning out to be one of the dullest days of the walk so far. That should have suited me just fine after the weekend. The long road into Glossop was proving a trifle tricky but I should just have carried on. But no – when the brain’s creative side says, “that looks an interesting path”, sometimes the logical side is on its tea break. A diversion that took in a couple of miles of the Pennine Way didn’t add much in terms of distance (in a flat 2D picture of the world) but did add significant verticalities.

There was some compensation with a super view of Glossop – and that’s not a phrase that slips easily off the tongue – from the very top of a very steep climb.


I only saw three other walkers on the Pennine Way, all of whom greeted me, though none of them appeared to complete the question they were asking me. “How do?” Right, how do what? How do I look so young yet feel so old? How do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? I really don’t know what they wanted to ask but at least they tried.

So I’m now pretty knackered, to put it bluntly, and I am sure I am being pretty conservative in reporting this as a 15 mile walk. Another blister on my right sole, you don’t get anything for a pair, not in this game.

However, this is still another step towards John O’Groats. I have become quite strong at closing down one day and starting afresh the next. 445 miles the total now and certainly in the north now. I have felt a different emphasis and atmosphere since I left Sheila’s and Allan’s house and am in a new phase of the walk.

4 thoughts on “How do……..?

  1. Eh up! you’re up north now. How do? How are you? ‘Ee not so bad’ is the expected response. Enjoyed last nights blog, though just read it. Thinking of you Keith! Best wishes Neil

  2. By hec lad…week 5 already… I have been circulating your sponsor forms at work and so far raised another £320 (+ gift aid) (from Pop Stats & Geography) for SANDS with a couple more forms still to be returned !!!

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