400 up

After eventually waving goodbye to Sheila and the visiting Kieran and Aimee, I set off toward Ashbourne. Yesterday afternoon, we also had the pleasure of the company of Gavin, so I did see all three nephews who are sons of my sister Sheila. I really enjoyed my stay there and thank you Sheila and Allan so much for taking me in and looking after me so well.

This was the most confidence boosting walk that I’ve had for a while. I was absolutely in the zone today and the first 15 miles or do were brilliant, though there were some difficult roads here and there. I did like the villages of Repton and Willington and really felt, to paraphrase Simon Cowell, back in the contest. But it was at the 15 mile point that I met a fellow walker who wanted to chat…..a lot. One thing he said was that I wouldn’t see any shops until Ashbourne. He was right.

It was pleasant enough but I struggled thereafter to find a decent rhythm. The last phase of the journey was more hilly, being the Dales, and I also missed two turnings at different times, that added a bit to the overall distance, that Google maps now gives as 23 miles.

I made it before sunset, and I have passed the 400 mile mark. The fourth century was harder than all the first three combined. Another 20 or so tomorrow getting up to Buxton. No serious aches or pains, and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that. Nice photo of the day, from Longford.



4 thoughts on “400 up

  1. Hi Keith. Amazed how far you have got already. We are all thinking of you – and delighted that the weather has changed so much in your favour. Any residual flooding problems along your path?
    All the best.

    • Hi Bruce, many thanks. Some spots of rain today – the first for a while! I do see some fields that have a bit of water but nothing much since the Gloucester area. Hope you are well, see you soon, well, not TOO soon!

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