Saturday horsing about

A short walk, just short of 8 miles, up to the extremely small village of Wood Stanway. Not too much to say about the walk,  again using the Cotswold Way for a good proportion.

Of course, there is always one thing by which to remember a day, and as I got fairly close to my destination, I crossed one of the many fields that are coincident with the Cotswold Way. Pammy and Matt are visiting me today, so it was useful to find a nice log on which to sit and phone them. A couple of minutes later I looked up to see four horses circling me. Perhaps they were friendly, most likely they were, but I wasn’t going to take any chances and walked calmly to the gate, eight equine eyes eagerly tracking my progress.

A family room in an old house today which looks quite basic and with creaking floorboards. But we do have a lounge with a TV and a bunch of board games (Q: what is the collective noun for board games? No, I really don’t know. A monopoly?) Even though neither the others are board game inclined. But I guess we’ll be going out into Winchcombe or Cheltenham or somewhere for some nosh a bit later, so board games won’t be on the menu.

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