New day, better day

A terrible night’s sleep at the youth hostel. The room was tiny and consisted of two bunk beds, not that I had anyone there to have a bunk with. Breakfast was poor, and you even had to pay extra for coffee. My room smelt a bit damp, probably from the wet clothes and difficulty of getting them dry.

But onto today. Feet a trifle tender after another 18 miles from Bath to Hawkesbury Upton. I found a lovely route on a pretty nice day, quite better than the doom-mongers of the Met Office had forecast. Firstly, I walked along the tow path, and saw a familiar name:


Pamela, though I doubt if she would be too happy to know she could be hired by the day. It really was a delightful morning,


and after escaping into the country, I turned into Roman Road which, unsurprisingly perhaps, was gun barrel straight for miles. The road ran alongside MOD grounds and so I ensured that I kept my tablet camera very much inside my jacket.

With such quiet surroundings and barely seeing one car per minute, there were no shops or pubs and I travelled around 7 miles in total without beverages until arriving in the village of Nettleton. The lady in the post office was most welcoming and we chatted for five or ten minutes before she gave me £5 for my charity. Yeah, and I bought some drinks.

A short shower was the only blight on the day, which also saw me enter South Gloucestershire, though some houses had Wiltshire County Council bins not a hundred yards after this sign:


The last two or three miles were the hardest and I’m glad to have finished. Running (walking) total 262 miles. One lost woolly hat, some time yesterday.


2 thoughts on “New day, better day

  1. Mistere Witchfinder: ye are doing really well, yeah verily. As ye near Ye Cotteswoldes ye will finde a plethora of witches and enough sorcery to keep thy ducking stoole busy many an houre. Brilliant progress and all best wishes! Chris

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