Quantocks of solace aka Respect, mate, respect

A great tally of 26 miles today, avoiding all main roads until almost into Bridgwater. That takes me to 201 in total. Not anywhere near as painful as the 24 the day before yesterday with the savlon plaster working wonders. A few aches and pains, unsurprisingly, but a very satisfying day all round.

The easiest way to get through today was just to split into shorter journeys, so a series of villages were visited, many of which had few if any shops: Withycombe, Roadwater, Nettlecombe, Monksilver, Stogumber and Crocombe, where I visited the Carew Arms and had a much  more healthy than usual butternut soup with baguette and ‘real butter’ (presumably as opposed to the fake stuff). Had a nice chat with four old blokes about rugby, cricket and football. Earlier I had been past Stogumber Cricket Club, which had an interesting set up with sheep tending the outfield and a barb wire fence protecting the square.

The last thing I wanted to see after lunch was this:


and this was a really tough mile or so on the Quantock Hills. It was worth it, though, when a car with two young lads pulled up when I had almost reached the summit, the driver saying (in a very non Somerset accent), “you walked all the way up here? Respect, mate, respect.” It did make me laugh.

And so on. Over Stowey, Spaxton and finally Bridgwater. Travelodge, but with a real bonus. Pammy is visiting and was waiting in my room when I arrived. A great day all round then.


5 thoughts on “Quantocks of solace aka Respect, mate, respect

  1. Keith we arevery pleased to hear how well you’re progressing. Enjoy your time with Pam. We’re off to Taunton tomorrow in a minibus. At 3pm in the 1st semi final Bridgewater(Somerset) play Poole(Dorset). We play in the 2nd semi final at 4.15pm against Cornwood(Devon). If we manage to win that the final starts at 5.45pm.We will let you know what happens. We wish you good walking, hopefully in fine weather.

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