First this, first that

First shave for a week. First Costa of the trip. First direct contact with people from work with an innuendo filled 10 minutes with the people at COOF and barely mentioned work at all. A really nice start to the day.

A slow start this morning walking-wise and a bit of time spent adjusting the bag to sit better on my back. Because of that, whether physically or psychologically, no new pains today but my calves are a bit tired. Made good headway eventually with fairly flat terrain for a while, but the route was both winding and windy. First experience on this trip of being abused by motorists, who really might have looked at themselves and their speed in relation to both the speed limit and the road conditions. Yeah, I know it’s a road, yeah, I know it doesn’t have a pavement, then perhaps you should take a little more care yourself. And get off the phone.

I moved onto a less busy track and found the inclines more inclinous. No, I don’t know (and I don’t care either) if that is a real word; let the pedants revolt if they feel like it. This was tough going and I reached Bratton Fleming (question of the day: what is the tennis connection here? – answer tomorrow if no one gets it) for a cheese and bacon wrap and a litre bottle of full fat milk. The milk, all 640 calories of it, was guzzled and I had plenty of energy to reach Challacombe by around 4 o’clock. On the way, I attempted, unsuccessfully, to recreate one of the scenes from Hitchcock’s The Birds:


No, it was rubbish wasn’t it. The problem was that by the time I’d got my tablet at the right angle, most of them had flown off. Tomorrow: the crop dusting scene from North by Northwest.

Another 13 miles today, taking me past 150. Staying at Shorland Old Farm just outside Challacombe. Many thanks both to Shelley Gammon for arranging and Sandy Aylen for allowing me to stay. A few tough days to come now – I have always said that this may be the make or break period with the next 4 walking days all around 20 miles or more. If I’m still standing after I get to Bath, I would put money on me being able to do the whole thing.


3 thoughts on “First this, first that

  1. It’s taken me a while to get on the Hitchcock theme but it was a bit obvious today. You should have took a picture of the Bate’s hotel in St Just. A great parody of film ideas that weren’t quite spicy enough.. Are you really just a few days from Bath? Keep going, I’m sure you are only just discovering yourself.

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