Been using my rest day to sleep and then have a bit more sleep. Really just recharging my batteries, and looking at the next few days of the walk. Three days to get up to Carhampton, just south east of Minehead, stopping at Barnstaple and Challacombe en route.
Tomorrow had the potential to be the longest day so far, as I was planning to skit up to the SW Coast Path and visit Westward Ho!, where we used to holiday as a family when I was a child. However, needs must and I am cutting across country straight to Bideford, still avoiding the A39, but now having a most convenient lunch stop on the way to Barnstaple.
I reckon this will save around 4 miles. This may sound like nothing in the whole scheme of things, but that may be a couple of hours, given the much flatter ground as well. This is the “holiday of a lifetime”, as it has been referred to, but it doesn’t feel like a holiday at the moment. Anywhere where I can chip off a mile or two here and there without making the walk more difficult or unpleasant is very much fair game.
I have enjoyed Cornwall, but there are apparently only 3 Costa Coffee shops in the whole of the county, in St Ives, Newquay and Falmouth, none of which I was able to visit. Looking forward to more Costa-friendly territory now.
Also have realised the issues of digital reception in the West Country. I guess I will have to wait a few days to find out the real result of the Pompey game at Scunthorpe, since there appears to be interference on the digital feed. Or perhaps not.

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