Bye bye Cornwall

At last I have left Cornwall.


Two signs there – one I very much liked, showing the progress to my second county, the other confirming that I haven’t seen the last of the hills.
Travelling first this morning to Bude, I bumped into one of my former students from about 15 years ago. I don’t think either of us had changed or aged much given that we both recognised each other instantly. That put me in a very good mood for a good day and around 17 miles to my sister Carolyn and Graham’s house in Claw Cross, just south of Woolfardisworthy, sometimes known as Woolsery. Just 100 yards or so on the A39, and then the rest was all country lanes. A blissful walk, eventually into Devon. The weather was dry but turned gradually chillier, and the cap gave way to the woolly hat.
Shops were at a premium out in the sticks until I reached the small village of Bradworthy. A couple of Lucozade Energy drinks were just what the doctor ordered with less than 4 miles remaining. Legs are achy and a day’s rest is in order before a tough looking second week.


4 thoughts on “Bye bye Cornwall

  1. Keep it up Keith! Enjoy your days rest! Thought you might like to hear from the Cricket Club’s doings. The quiz team stormed through to the 2nd round with major contributions from all team members except me! A week today we are off to Taunton for the regional finals of the National indoor cricket K.O. and last night many of us were celebrating Greg Horton’s 50th birthday bash at the RoseBowl. A great evening and I bet Greg is feeling a little frail this morning!!!

    All the best


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