A day to remember



Good, bad or ugly – I really don’t know how to explain this day, day 3 of this challenge. It started well, thanks to some expert local knowledge from Brian and Sarah. Though it did put an extra mile or so on to my route, it enabled me to have a much safer and relaxed walk to Porthtowan where I took on part of the SW Coast Path. The climb to the top gave some fantastic views (see first picture) but left me knackered (second picture, my first ever selfie). Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before I was off again and the Chapel Porth Beach Cafe came to the rescue with a quarter pounder with cheese and fantastic salad. A bit pricey but worth it.
A walk through country lanes to St Agnes took me to just past midday, by which time the sun was quite strong, sufficiently strong for me to purchase a cap in Perranporth, where I had my first skinny vanilla latte of the long walk. Tasted like heaven, but if that was large, I could hardly imagine the regular or small – thimble sized, probably.
So far so good. I had a cut through a couple of country lanes to avoid the very main roads, and this was fine until evidence of flooding emerged or submerged. Fortunately, this was just next to a farm and I could avoid the worst. However, half a mile later came what could have been my Waterloo. A good 30 yards of road was flooded, some of it about a foot deep. There were some grass verges that looked of help, and so I took the verge option, pulling back branches and almost getting to the end. It just needed one leap and all would be fine. You can guess the rest, with a prodigious bound to safety, only for my foot to slip and leave me standing in about 9 inches of water and my hand covered in mud.
At that moment, if Pammy had appeared and said, “Come on Keith, don’t be stupid, you’ve done really well, come home and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea”, it would have been hard to resist. But within 5 minutes, I was almost laughing out loud and striding to a sign that said “Newquay 3”. It seemed to take forever, but I made it to the Travelodge in Newquay, 19 miles. You know, if I wanted to do a direct route, all down A30 and A3075, today would only have been around 13 miles, if I’d wanted a day of skipping on and off grass verges to avoid national speed limit traffic. No, give me what really happened today and I’ll go again tomorrow. Wadebridge.
Apparently, I am featured in tonight’s Daily Echo page 16. But can I ask you a favour? If you’re chatting to Pammy, can you ask how she is, rather than how I am? It must be immensely hard for her – I know she worries and she has to do the washing up as well!

9 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. Keith! What an adventure. It looks beautiful out there. I suppose you’ve got to take the wet feet with the great views. I’m still envious. Best wishes, Neil

  2. I confess to a smile at the thought of you ling the divide ( we’re you present when Adrian slid down the bank at football into the mud ? Happy memories!) the scenery looks wonderful,hope you are actually enjoying the challenge and the opportunity to breathe in clean air

  3. Thinking of you yesterday as we walked the grandchildren along the seafront at Lee. Brisk and blowy and refreshing, quite nice with an ice cream at the end. Then we got in the warm car and went home! You of course are still out there stomping away! Keep going Keith. RayH

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