Norman? Norman?

Reached St Just, our first stay about 4 or 5 miles from Land’s End. The room is a bit compact, I should say, but it does have a bed, bedding, shower, toilet, TV, so all I need really.
Receptionist was a young lad, certainly no older than 25, who showed us to Room 1. Echoes of Psycho, where a young man showed Marion to Room 1 in the Bates Motel. He gave us the key that had 14 on the fob, saying that the previous resident had left with the original key and he was due to send it back, but that it hadn’t arrived yet.
At least it wasn’t belting down and though we had seen some rain on the way, we hadn’t seen that much evidence of flooding on the way – certainly there was some standing water in the fields but not too bad. To be fair, we had purposely stuck to major roads, A34, M4, M5 and A30, rather than a shorter route. We were aware of our neighbours Paul and Lorna having an adventure getting through Dorchester yesterday and being diverted by hapless policemen to yet more flooded roads.
So a bit of time to relax, if one ever can if they’ve just heard that their struggling team is 1-0 up with 10 minutes left. 19 miles tomorrow up to St Ives.

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