Early night beckons

Goodness, I am SO tired and it’s only just after eight in the evening. This cannot be good preparation. Today has been hectic to say the least and have done three interviews, with Portsmouth News, Daily Echo and Radio Solent. I gather that I will be live on Radio Solent at 7:10 tomorrow morning.

£5,115.64 as the donations continue to flood in. My £5,000 target was not the limit of my ambitions, and I really want to raise as much as possible. Everyone was so kind and said some really nice things at my last day at work today, but the truth is that I have not walked even one mile yet, let alone one thousand.

Just printing out and sorting all the bookings, packing the bag. Just can’t wait to get started now.

2 thoughts on “Early night beckons

  1. Hey Keith – just want to say we’re rooting for you here in Glasgow!! Hope your walking is unimpeded by flooding and adverse weather! If your B&B doesn’t work out in Motherwell give me a call – I’ll come and pick you up, bed for the night and take you back again in the morning!! Give me a call when you are getting towards glasgow and we’ll work out when is best for me to walk with you! All the best, cousin of mine!! See you in a few weeks!

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