Frazzled but dazzled by generosity

It is hard now to switch off from thinking about this walk. I am not underestimating how hard this is going to be and there is no doubt it will hurt, in a number of ways. Doing what I can to ameliorate the possibilities and am probably as prepared as I am likely to be now. Last family shopping trip for 11 weeks done this evening, including petroleum jelly (a much cheaper version of Vaseline) for chafing, as many ibuprofen as I was allowed to buy and a couple of roll-on deodorants, supplements, emergency bar of soap and a few other things that just might come in useful. Must remember to take one toilet roll (just in case) and a good lot of various medication.

Route now finalised, subject to 8 provisional b&b bookings. Goodness, this has been hard work – why do some people make this so hard, just give me an easy on-line booking facility, not everyone enjoys going to and fro in negotiation with people they don’t know. Mind too frazzled to do much more today. Total Raised to date: £4,855. Thank you for a number of donations over the last 24 hours. I have been asked to provide a link Getting pretty close to the £5,000 target, but we’ll just try to get as much as we can. A fantastic response – I thought I was being very optimistic in setting that target but I should know not to underestimate the generosity of my friends and colleagues.

Number of Days Street Viewed: 44.

Bags Packed: Nil. Ok, not completely prepared yet.



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