A job lot

stress free

£4,223.70, or it was when I last looked. Despite what I thought was one of the worst days at work for a long time, and one of the grimmest meetings ever, it does appear that people do care. Only £777 to go and my target will be done. I reckon the overall cost to me of this trip will be £8-9,000 and you might ask, why did I not just give five grand to charity and be done with it? Well, it’s more than the money. It’s the whole challenge and there’s no doubt it has perked my life into having some sort of momentum, rather than the drudgery of work, home, work, home etc. that I appeared to get into a few years back.

What a hard day today was. Lunch is for wimps – that is the motto for this week, my total lunch breaks this week sum to around 20 minutes. The rest of the time it’s been eating on the job. Tomorrow, I am going to insist, yes insist, on having a proper break, perhaps to play bridge, perhaps to read the paper (even if I do have to go and sit in the car to do that).

Looking forward very much to being very much my own boss for 11 weeks during what I consider to be my new job.

Today’s To Do List:

Wake up, watch a bit of BBC News, have a shower, shave (optional), get dressed, breakfast (perhaps as much as I want), look at some maps, do a bit of walking, have a bit of lunch, do a bit more walking, have a drink or two, book into a b&b, do some small talk, shower, eat a hearty meal, relax (options: phone Pammy, watch a bit of telly, read a bit, listen to radio, do some more small talk), blogging, bed.

Salary: Nil

Job Satisfaction: Immense


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