Yellow card for some bookings

Goodness, some people make things difficult for me. It’s as if they don’t actually want the money I’m willing to give them. One b&b where I had a provisional booking has closed completely, another is now closed for repairs and two others are not responding to enquiries. Look, if you haven’t got space on that day, just tell me! I can write snotty reviews, you know – especially with the stress on snotty at the moment!
Thankfully I haven’t lost any money through any of this, it’s just time.

But while around 80% of b&bs in England are quite happy to take bookings and payment online (I now know my 16 digit credit card number and all other details by heart), it seems more often than not, north of the border, that you have to email, leave a message, they contact you, you arrange payment through some farcically overcomplicated system peculiar to the owner. Some others don’t offer breakfast. Look, mush, don’t then advertise yourself as a b&b, you’re just a b.

I suppose this might sound like no big deal if you were going to stay at one place for a few days, but when you have forty or fifty places to arrange one night at each, or occasionally two nights, it can be wearing to say the least, especially when every change in accommodation means at least a minor replan of two days of the route.

But that’s just the half of it. It is wondrous to discover how many b&bs whose prices are different to the “tariffs” quoted on their websites. Apparently, that is not illegal or unlawful as long as you know what you’re paying at the time you pay it. I was talking with a work colleague last week about claims such as “up to 50% off” or “from £30”. They don’t actually promise anything good – in fact they impose limits on the “offer”. They could say “no more than 50% off” or “not less than £30” and mean exactly the same thing.

OK, calm down. More medication please, nurse. It is getting done. Not too many more to sort out and they’re nearly all quite a way up the road. Could even book them on the fly as I’m walking. All these arrangements are taking so much energy so I ought to do what I can before the last week.

Rant over. Until tomorrow perhaps.


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