Get your violins out

Thank goodness today isn’t in two weeks time. Have been teetering on the edge of a cold for a few days and today it’s really arrived with a vengeance. This morning I took more medication than I ever have: my normal stuff plus two Day Nurse. Note that other cold remedies were not available, since Day Nurse is our weapon of choice and it’s all we had in the house.

Have already given up walking for the weekend, which is a real shame since I was looking forward to walking in the New Forest with a colleague from work tomorrow. Even walking round to the cricket club this morning to pick up the keys for tonight’s bingo was a bit of an effort and I expect to be going back to bed in a minute for whatever sleep I can get. It is hard to see how I could walk 17 miles if I was in this state, but I will have to whatever lurgies I come across during the long walk. Maybe the adrenaline will help, and if there is a positive to this, it is much better to get this out of the way a couple of weeks before and come back fitter and stronger. It will be asking a lot to go 11 weeks without encountering any health problems at all, though I suspect the issues will be with muscles, aches and pains rather than a cold.

Still ploughing on making room bookings for accommodation. This is going to be a bit more expensive than I budgeted for, but really, it is going to be a fabulous experience – as long as I can shake off this darn cold. Two weeks should be enough for that…..

Anyway, bingo tonight, and I’ll be there, no doubt dosed up to the neck. Very much looking forward to it, and seeing lots of friends there. At least I’m not doing the bingo calling, I doubt my voice would last.


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