Barry White is in the house, not paying me anything (otherwise I’d have to declare it)

A bit grumpy today with the start of a cold. But I have cheered up immensely now having completed my tax self assessment on-line. What a pain that is, and I then had to pay HMRC for the pleasure of navigating their labyrinth-like website and filling in their very poorly designed form, interpreting the various vagueness as I went. but feeling smugly pleased with myself. Believe me, a whole day before the deadline, that is seriously early for me to do something.

Anyway, onto happier money related things and we are holding our charity bingo night on Saturday in aid of SANDS at Sarisbury Athletic Cricket Club. Aiming to raise around £300-400, not quite in the realms of £926 that was raised at the quiz night in November, but certainly a significant amount of dosh. We have sufficient numbers of people now and hopefully they will all spend their life savings on bingo cards and raffle tickets.

The total raised is up to £3,373.70 now. Blimey, that odd 70 pence is bugging me. I like nice round numbers. If there is a young child reading this and they have their 30p a week pocket money to spare for women who have lost babies, then you could donate that using and you could make a 50 year old man very happy. Mmm, perhaps that needs redrafting, it sounds a bit pervy. Er, you could make women very happy. No, that sounds just as bad. Just give us the 30p and just be proud, very proud, that you helped. You could just text SACC63 0.30 to 70070 if you’re too young to have a credit or debit card. Please ask your parents or guardians before you do this, and get them to check out the page. If another child has already kindly rounded to the nearest pound by giving 30p, then you could give another 30p yourself. All we would need is around 5,400 children to do the same and we would reach that £5,000 target.

Incidentally, and finally, I am aware of four people who are waiting to donate so that they can be the person who takes me over the target. As long as there are others willing to take me closer, then that’s fine……

I mentioned my cold. The second or third day of my colds often hear me sounding like Barry White. Bad news for anyone wanting to induce me to have a lengthy conversation, but good news (perhaps) for my Pammy. Darling, I love you just the way you are! A bit of sympathy from a few people but, to be honest (not that I am ever anything else so there is no need for this qualification), I don’t mind having a cold now if it means greater immunity between 16 February and 29 April. If it’s any worse by the weekend, I will take a break from walking (it does explain the achy legs earlier in the week), but there’s no escape once the big walk starts. Vitamins, supplements, fruit, Day Nurse, etc etc.

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