A bit stiff this morning – even though I walked on Saturday. Should be fit enough now not to be suffering after a 16 mile walk. I remember two years ago when 16 miles left me unable to do the shopping the next morning but I haven’t felt like this for a while. So with my hypochondriac hat on, there must be something awry.

It is, as I say, the first bout of post-walking stiffness for a long time. I must make sure I have sufficient hydration; I didn’t have as much as usual but didn’t feel particularly thirsty. I am aware that, by the time you feel thirsty, you are already around one-third dehydrated but what you know and what you do often collide in cognitive dissonance.

The other possibility is that I’m getting a bug of some sort, hopefully quite minor if that is the case. Better now than three weeks’ time. I don’t like to think about the scenario that I get a bad cold five weeks into the task. Hopefully hypothetical. But can you imagine a world with no hypothetical scenarios? Think about it.

So the regime must start in earnest now. At least 3 pieces of fruit every day, and I don’ t mean 3 grapes. Milk, protein. Vegetarians may scoff (not literally), and I’m sure that there are many who have succeeded at similarly physically demanding tasks, but I do need chicken on a regular basis. Perhaps I haven’t looked after myself so well in the last few days – a few late nights and a bit more picking on less healthy food between meals. Need to behave now.


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