How can it be that….

Quite enjoying making those final arrangements and booking up accommodation. But frustrating or irritating sometimes too.

How can it be that….

  • a b&b with single rooms advertised on their website as “From £30” charges £70 just because it’s over the Easter weekend?
  • a b&b is in a road called Primrose Crescent and yet there is neither flora nor fauna anywhere to be seen? Indeed, why can roads be called Church Road when there isn’t a church within half a mile?
  • the shortest “walking” distance on Google Maps so often includes 10 miles up a dual-carriageway A road with grass verges about 6 inches wide?
  • a b&b price is sometimes given with “breakfast extra”
  • you have to be out of your room by 10am but not allowed in until 4pm; six hours to clean a room? Should be charged for 3/4 of a day not one day
  • a b&b just 400 yards from the Great Glen Way stipulates “No walkers”?
  • a b&b will only take cash when there are no cashpoints for miles around?
  • a b&b can charge £10 a day for Wi-Fi when around (or perhaps over) half have it available free of charge despite being a similar cost of staying the night?



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