Draining viewing

Now Street Viewed over half of my walk, 32 of the 63 walking days and made good notes on all of them. But it is draining, having to concentrate really hard and consider alternative routes. This process is also bring slowed down by the unavailability of some b&bs that I had earmarked, and some prices that don’t fairly reflect what is on their website.

You might ask why I am booking accommodation so late. I could ask myself the same question indeed. Never one to do stuff before the last possible moment – this is actually quite early for me. I have kept some options open, especially some offers of accommodation from friends. I did book up Travelodges before Christmas on the basis that I could get a good deal if I booked both early and in good numbers. The major towns are pretty much sorted on that account.

But today I have spent about 6 hours replanning a particularly tricky section in the north of England, booking different b&bs to those originally planned. I have to say that people on the whole are very understanding when I cancel provisional bookings. In one case it was because I had seen the place on Street View and it looked a bit run down. Another was a bit Bates Motel ish. They probably think I’m a bit weird myself, given how apologetic I am. It’s OK, Keith, that’s why the bookings are called provisional.

Too much computer screen time today, now have a slight headache, starting to get delirious. Some of this walk looks a bit hard. Time for bed.


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