Sordid Street View – route changes necessary?

Three separate people at work today asked me why I didn’t blog yesterday. Sort of flattered that my blog has, in some small part, become a ritual in the lives of a small number of guys. Who would have thought it would come to that?

So why didn’t I? Was I in a marathon washing up sesh? Nope. Just the normal amount for the Spicer household and, of course, a bit of a song and dance around the sink. No, in fact I was Street viewing more of my route in order to firm up directions. You do see some funny things – one place in the North had the Street View van clearly coming across a herd of cattle and a good 100 yards of the road was spent behind a number of cows with swishing tails. They suddenly disappeared to disorientating effect – and the weather brightened considerably. Forwarding and reversing showed that the two scenes were cut together, one from 2009 and the other from 2011. Evidence of global warming? It certainly looked warmer. I have now ‘walked’ over half my route on Street View.

I haven’t come across anything too shocking, but I am aware of these. and, from UK: I obviously don’t mix in the right circles and perhaps I should liven up my route a bit. Ok, left at the Club, past that woman giving that bloke a, er, whatever, and…..

£3,313.70 now. Just a donation of £19.63 and I’ll be two-thirds of the way. If that was translated into the requisite proportion of the walk, I would be about 40 miles south of Glasgow, getting to the point where I can’t understand anything that anybody says.


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