Break today, walk tomorrow, without punctuation

Decided to give myself a break today and really chill. Not that having anything to do with following Pompey is relaxing! 4 weeks today I’ll be travelling down to Cornwall, ready to start on the Sunday. So, with a seemingly excellent weather forecast, tomorrow will be the walking day.

As I was thinking of where to walk tomorrow, I spat out my toast as I heard of this. Nothing to do with walking, but a subject close to my heart:

Perhaps more useful websites for my immediate future are these: and Very good indeed.

To resume the pedantry / grammar theme, a work colleague asked me what I thought the correct terms should be for the plural of ‘data is’. By that, he meant that when I complain about a number of times that ‘data is’ is used instead of the correct ‘data are’, how would you refer to, say, five instances of ‘data is’? Five data isses, ises, is’s? Well, erm, I think that is ‘five instances of data is’. Blimey, who do you think I am, Samuel Johnson? Let’s go and have some pizza. I’ll have a medium, and you’ll have the same – another medium? Ok, mate, I’ll have two mediums – or is the plural of medium ‘media’? Ok, I’ll have two media please.


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