Vaseline after 20 miles

At last, a dry day forecast matched by a dry day in reality. Can’t say I was a very early starter this morning – I’ve had a couple of late nights playing with my new tablet and was barely out of bed by 10am. Out of the house by 11 and a good walk all the way to Portchester, taking in a slightly less than direct route. It was the first time in eight walks that I have ditched the waterproofs, finding that Barry the Base-Layer, Malcolm in the middle (a thin long sleeved T shirt) and Harry the Hoodie were easily enough to keep me just about at the right temperature. An attempt to go off road was met with a sinking squelchy and slippery feeling and an occasionally achy knee for a little while after, and I turned back to the road after about five minutes. The walk was otherwise non-problematic apart from the lowering sun (that is, of course, only in relation to the Earth – heliocentrism was proven by Galileo in the early 17th century) in a wonderfully clear sky causing me to shield my eyes. Not quite enough to give me sunburn on a day when the temperature was comfortable at 8-10 degrees, but this did drop quite sharply as the light faded, with the first suggestions of fog as I reached home after 20 miles.

A real boost this week with a number of donations taking me past £3,000. Currently £3,143.70 as I write this. Everything seems to be coming into place now and the legs feel good. A bit of chafing today did bring out a liberal application of Vaseline after a rather stinging shower, now sitting typing this in loose track suit bottoms, going commando – but you didn’t really want to know that…….  

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