Suddenly a moron appeared in front of me

Really getting excited now with just 41 days to go. But I know, from a very thin straw poll (i.e. one person), that what readers of this blog really do love is when I get in a rant.

I still need a few bits of stuff before I start, including reflectors. Tonight’s shopping trip to Tesco underlined this point. I was driving back when I came across a creature, clearly one not of supreme intelligence, and I spent the rest of the journey home considering whether he was an idiot (IQ of 0-20), an imbecile (21-50) or merely just a moron (51-70). His thinking must have gone something like this, “Mmm, I need to get from A to B. I’ve got no lights on my bike but, if I go quickly, and dress all in black, no-one will see me. That way, the police won’t nick me.” Later, he also considered it reasonable to jump a red light and appear just a few feet in front of me as I lawfully and legitimately passed through the corresponding green light at a speed lower than 30mph (in a 30mph limit).

Ok, reflectors might have only helped marginally in that case. But when I go walking, I make sure that I walk in the light or, if it is dark or does get dark, I stick to roads with pavements and don’t cross the road without looking. That may not always be possible on my long walk so I will ensure to get reflectors as necessary. I hasten to add that I don’t have a problem with cyclists. Some of my best friends are cyclists. 99% of cyclists behave at least reasonably on the road. Or at least 99% of cyclists whom I can see – for all I know there may be millions of invisible cyclists that I’m not aware of in the dark.

The thing is, if hadn’t had super-fast reactions, I would have hit him. It would have been me traumatised, not him, since to be traumatised one needs to have a brain. It would have been me who would have been questioned by the police, potentially charged with driving without due care and attention, careless driving, reckless driving, death by dangerous driving or manslaughter. No doubt my case would come up some time between 16 February and 29 April. Bang would go my walk.

I didn’t even beep my horn – that might have startled him – or shout insults out of my window. Yes, I was angry but more shaken up than anything else. Idiot. No, let’s be generous. Moron.


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