Tiptoe through the raindrops

Managed to fit in birthday, Christmas and New Year around my walking. Today will be my 7th walk in 14 days and it has rained at some time on every one of those walks (and New Years Day it actually didn’t stop). Starting to get a bit fed up, would appreciate one, just one, pleasant dry day at around 10 degrees – doesn’t need to be warmer – when I can venture out without rain. Yes, on 16th February and on 63 days out of 73, I will be out there whatever the weather, and that will be testing enough without continual bad weather. There can’t be much rain left in them there clouds.

It has stopped raining now at 11:30 so I will be out in a few minutes, but I really did want to go off-road at least a couple of times over these two weeks. Given there is seemingly the danger of drowning even walking on the roads, off-roading really has been out of the question. I am going to have to have Plan Bs for a number of my days if spring is going to continue as wet.


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