JT gets in the picture

The Street View task is progressing, if in a fairly haphazard order. Small modifications are being made to the itinerary and I’m making copious notes of landmarks, signposts etc. Let’s hope that there haven’t been too many destructions or constructions – or even that people have painted their houses. “Second left, just after the house with the red door and the ‘For Sale’ sign” is not the most sensible note, for instance. One Travelodge at which I am staying hadn’t even been built at the time of the photographs, that Google lists as June 2009. So I’m trusting that it is really there now.

The final leg is a very short one, just 4.8 miles to John O’Groats, and I became a touch whimsical as I ‘walked’ this leg. I have so much adrenaline that I could bite off my own finger and not feel it. I imagine I will be walking this with my Pammy and others will be waiting at the destination. 20 yards from the finish, John Terry appears from nowhere and puts his arms in the air, taking everyone’s handshakes as I stumble across the line. 10 minutes later, my Pammy is nowhere to be seen but she appears in a short while with JT in tow, the latter with that “I never touched her” face that makes you want to punch it. No, no, no, that’s just wrong and too horrible to think about. Not the punching bit, the other, er, stuff.

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