Horsing around and dodging the bullet

If today’s walk was a horse, someone would have taken mercy and shot it. A miserable walk in the wind and rain from 12:15 until almost 5pm, during which time my hood remained up for the whole time except for a visit to Costa and a local shop. That said, if that’s the worst that Mother Nature and her extended family can throw at me, I should be in fine fettle, remaining sufficiently stable to withstand the afternoon without the aid of Propranolol or Ibuprofen, the stock medications I always have in tow. The waterproofs stood up well, though some rainwater did run down my trouser legs into my boots and the damp socks made the final three miles or so even more uncomfortable.

Not that it was all bad. The one positive was, to continue the horsey analogy, that instead of unseating its rider or pulling up before the third last fence, it staggered through to the finish. Currently carrying out my own veterinary examination to assess whether I will be able to leave the paddock fur long later (see what I did there? Ok, I can hear you’re not impressed). Hooves are a little tired but a good soak and in the mane I’ll be neigh on perfect for tomorrow. I suppose if I can joke about it, it can’t be that bad.

My early stop at Costa found me in conversation with a Saints fan and his two young boys (bedecked in Chelsea attire). It was good to have an adult football chat and we wished each other well, though I did stress that I wished even better for his boys. I did at least get a good walking rhythm going for a while until the wind really picked up for half an hour and 14 miles was the total distance. A slightly slower pace than usual owing to the weather but I’m really pleased. Spirits were lifted higher by the news of another £50 from two donations – thank you so much, you don’t know how much it helps.


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